Urgent Transport Request for Newborn Puppies

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Urgent Transport Request for Newborn Puppies

Post by RukinRuni » Sun Mar 10, 2024 7:33 pm

I have an urgent situation concerning 2 newborn puppies. The woman who owns the mother, allowed this dog to get pregnant again after she had 1 puppy 8 months ago and I bottle fed him, unfortunately. This same dog had 3 puppies some time last night. 1 puppy has already died and my fears became reality. I had the lady pick up each surviving pup and show me their stomachs. They were not getting any milk at all and that’s why the one, seemingly healthy otherwise, died. I have been able to educate this woman enough to feed them some until I can get to them. It’s a 30 hour round trip, driving. I am in Boise, Idaho and the pups are in Springerville AZ. Can you please tell me if there are any options to help these two pups get to my rescue? Quickly! Thank you!!

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Re: Urgent Transport Request for Newborn Puppies

Post by deeogee1 » Sun Mar 10, 2024 9:45 pm

All you can do is post your request on the ride board and see if any pilots reply.
To request a transport:
On the Board Index Page, where you found this forum, you will also see a forum titled:

Ride Board: Animals Needing Transport. Click on that forum an open it.
2. On upper left of page you will see NEW TOPIC, click on that because your request is new.
3. Have sending and receiving zip codes on hand along with all the pertinent information about the animals and contacts
4. Fill in the subject line, zip codes, answer ALL the pre-launched questions in the form
5. Scroll down and click on Submit, your request is now posted.

You can log in and check your request every day on the board buy clicking on an opening your post and looking for any replies from pilots. You will also receive an automated email if anyone at all replies to any of your posts. You can read that email and follow the instructions there, clicking on the link they provide for you to take you directly to the message.
Good luck