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Pilots N Paws
24 Cats and Kittens to Rescue

24 Cats and Kittens to Rescue

In these strange times it was a great day to do a Pilots N Paws flight getting 24 felines to the safety of an amazing rescue. These beautiful cats and kittens were gathered by various rescuers in Fresno and going to a wonderful rescue in Napa called Whiskers, Wags and Feral’s run by Margo.

Not wanting to leave anyone behind I played Tetris with my crates in the 170 to see how many I could fit while still having room for my husband as copilot, turns out it holds all the small/medium crates I have plus one borrowed from my neighbor – 10 in total.

The central valley of California ended up having a mostly broken layer of clouds but above was so smooth and clear it made for a great flight on which the cats were relaxed and napping. Everyone was careful to assure the safety of each other with masks, distance and disinfectants. The FBO, Lynx, and it’s employees in Napa were wonderful in assisting with moving all our crates inside and allowing us to take over the pilots lounge to transfer everyone to new crates.

I’ve been a volunteer with Pilots N Paws since 2009 and now more then ever these flights can make such a difference.

-Kim Purcell, Volunteer Pilot