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5 Pups Headed to Long Island, NY

5 Pups Headed to Long Island, NY

Anne Z. relates a PnP flight: Andrew & I, along with Abigail, left for the airport before 6:00 am on Thursday morning and flew to Cochran, Georgia to pick up 5 abandoned pups that had been rescued and were with a foster. Wilbur, Rudy, Payne, Marty and Amy were found abandoned in the woods…..scared and very hungry. The pups have been groomed, vetted, vaccinated, microchipped, spayed and neutered. Since this was going to be such a long trip for the pups, Andrew talked with Pilot Alan Hills and they agreed to do the entire trip which is a lot less stress on the pups. We flew to Georgia, picked up the pups and returned to Louisburg, NC. Alan met us at the airport and flew to Long Island, NY with the pups.

Abigail (our own little rescue that accompanies us on all flights) wasn’t thrilled about waking up at 5 am…..as soon as we got in the plane, she went into the backseat and snuggled into the soft crate (for the rescue pups) and went back to sleep.

Marty, Payne & Amy



Co-Pilot Anne (with Abigail), with Annenise and Michelle (rescue volunteers) in Cochran, Georgia.

Wilbur is anxious to get inside and get a seat at the window.

Payne is getting loaded into the large, soft crate for the trip with his siblings.

Melissa is helping Andrew get Marty into the plane.

Pilots Andrew Zeneski and Alan Hills unload the remaining pups in Louisburg, NC, and are headed to “playtime” and fresh water with Melvin while Alan’s plane is getting the large crate and other supplies loaded.

Melvin, KLHZ employee got the rescue pups fresh water, watched over them and played with them while we got the crate loaded into Alan Hill’s airplane for the FINAL LEG of their journey to Long Island, NY.

We absolutely LOVE Triangle North Executive Airport in Louisburg, NC (KLHZ). The employees are always eager to help us with the rescues, unloading the crates, fresh water, play time and in one instance, they let a pup that was being adopted in Raleigh, NC, hang out with them while Andrew and I flew to California, Maryland with 5 more rescue pups going to a safe shelter. Bo and Melvin are AWESOME! If you are in this area and are flying rescue flights for Pilots N Paws, you should plan on using this airport, if possible. Plus, pilots flying rescue flights get fuel discounts!!!

Thirsty pups enjoying cold, fresh water!

Puppy headed to a safe shelter in Long Island, NY.

Pilot Alan Hills is getting acquainted with the pups before the flight to Long Island.

Pups are loaded and are headed to NY.

Pups arrived safely in Long Island and are now at a foster home with a large backyard….they are having soooo much fun while they await their forever home.

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