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Alex’s Inauguration

Alex Fox took off on his first pilots N paws flight and is hooked…



I took a little guy named Dash from Ft. Worth Texas, to Liberal, Kansas. He was rescued in Houston, TX and is going to a family in Colorado.  So glad to do the second leg of the flight as well as foster him over night. This was such full filling an amazing experience. It is great to be a part of PNP, and I cannot wait till my next flight.


5 thoughts on “Alex’s Inauguration”

  1. Cindy says:

    What an amazing group to be a part of….. I “liked” this group some time ago, because it amazed me how wonderful it was to use a vehicle like this to transfer pets to worthy homes…pets that might otherwise be lost in the shuffle. I think there are also truck driver’s trying to help in the mission of transporting pets to new “forever” homes. God Bless, Alex.

  2. Katie Imboden says:

    Yipee Alex! God Bless You!

  3. Donna Chuffo says:

    Thank you Alex Fox for your time.

  4. God Bless you, Alex! As I volunteer with Florida Poodle Rescue, I can tell you that it becomes an addiction to save dogs. Thank God for people like you that facilitate the work that rescue groups all over the US do.

  5. Pam Amicarella says:

    Awesome job Alex and all the pilots….I do ground transport legs and it so fulfilling to know you have helped!!!!

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