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Bundles of Bassets… & a 3-legged beagle

This trip was for Bellyrubs Basset, Tri State Basset, Sandhill Beagle Rrescue, and Penny Angel Beagle Rescue. We overnighted in Jackson, Tenn, where we picked up our 3-legged beagle. The next morning, it was on to Knoxville where we met up with the Bellyrubs Group and had a chance to tell the Pilots n Paws Story to Erin Donovan from Live at 5 News.

One fast stop in Greenville, NC to meet Ann from Sandhill Beagle Rescue, and the trip continued on to Atlantic City where we dropped off our crippled little beagle girl to Penny Angel and……more news cameras s0 we got to tell the PnP Story once again! These bassets were “stuck” down in Knoxville. It just wasn’t “happening” for these adorable guys and gals. No interest whatsoever.

Already Adopted...One day later!!

Hounds, as I’ve said before are considered expendable down south. There are coonhounds, bloodhounds, beagles, foxhounds, and about a million other hound mixes…and they are EVERYWHERE…hence..of no value. By relocating these guys to New Jersey, Tri State has changed the paradigm. Now they are wanted and will all get foster families

Cathy welcomes the kids to Pennsylvania.

Because up here, we just LOVE those sad faces!  These bassets will all be appearing in the Ocean City, NJ “BOARDWALK WADDLE” Sat Apr 14 & 15.Until you have seen 500 bassets parading down the boardwalk you haven’t lived.

Meeting Tri State Basset in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Scott Messinger

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    PNP are an amazing group of people. Thank you for your unselfish acts of love and devotion to the animal rescue effort.

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