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Five Huskies

Five Huskies

Anne Z. sent in the following story. PNP Pilot Paul flew 5 Huskies from Texas to Louisburg, NC, and we continued their Pilots N Paws Freedom Flight to Maryland. Four of the pups were young puppies, and one was a year old. The one year old, Lyla, was adopted by Andrew’s hair stylist and stayed at the Louisburg FBO with Airport Manager Bo and employee Melvin while we flew the others the Maryland. We absolutely love KLHZ (Louisburg, NC) airport. The staff are awesome! They bring us water for the rescue pups, they have an area outside they can play in and “do their business”. Pilots N Paws Freedom Flights get fuel discounts, and they puppy sit for us while we are loading or unloading pups.

PNP Pilot Paul arrives with the Huskies from Texas

One of the pups has already found herself a new parent…..she hopped up in the golf cart and took a ride around the airport with Todd.
Pilot Andrew is explaining to Lyla that she is going to stay at the FBO with Bo and Melvin while we fly the pups to Maryland and when we return, we will take her to her new family.

Abigail conversing with the pups during the flight.

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  1. Dillon Lovell says:


    I’m interested in rescuing one or two of the 5 huskies. I own a home in Burlington, VT. I also used to be a dogsled tour guide and have worked with a team of 15 huskies.

    Thank you,


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