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Freedom Flights 68 & 69

Freedom Flights 68 & 69

This past week we completed our 69th Freedom Flight, following number 68 the previous week.   Both weeks were transporting cats from Gen. William J. Fox Field in Lancaster, CA.

Flight 68:  Linda Schulz pulled a couple of kittens from the local shelter, and we arranged to fly them to French Valley Airport, in Temecula.   The two kittens were siblings, one of which was polydactyl, having 6 toes per paw.  Their foster believed she already had an adopter for them before we even landed.
Flight 69:  When Patti needed to move from SoCal to Tuscon, she couldn’t afford to bring her kitty Beanie with her on the train.   She went to Craig’s List to try to find a new home for her, even though it wasn’t what she really wanted.   Lisa Tipton saw the story, and found Beanie a foster, letting Patti know she’d arrange for transport once Patti was settled.   Beanie is an incredibly sweet Siamese.
We’ve been fortunate to be able to contribute these flights for the past 2 years.  My wife Kim is in Texas for job training, and my coworker, friend, and student pilot Jen, was kind enough to come along for these, for which she has my thanks.
Thank you to Pilots N Paws, and all of the rescue and transport workers who have helped us along the way.
Here is the latest highlight video, along with some pictures: