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Pilots N Paws

Friends of the Tipton County Animal Shelter PNP Photos

Hi! I wanted to share some of our Pilots N Paws pictures. Since January 1st, we have sent 25 animals on planes (and several others in 2019).

Bruce Wayne sent to Taysia Blue. Here’s his video as well- https://www.facebook.com/2191605227569638/posts/2521906394539518/?vh=e&d=n

Leigha sent to Taysia Blue 

Jenny (pregnant beagle) along with Porter and Cash sent to Saving Paws. 

Molly- sent you Woof Pack Dog Rescue 

7 puppies sent to Saving Paws

Newman- sent to Taysia Blue 

Pepper, Gunner, Beau, Gabe, and Mikey- sent to Nebraska’s Animal Loving Advocates. The three adults were hw pos so we were very grateful! 

-Friends of the Tipton County Animal Shelter

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