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Jady Jumps Bail

Another set of volunteers made a world full of difference for Jady. She was pulled from a shelter in Georgia and flew to a temporary foster home in Asheville, NC. How many people does it take to move a dog on a 45 minute flight?


1. Kristen Bell – coordinator
2. Dede Fauconnet – Shelter Puller
3. Ann-Margaret Johnston – Pilot
4. Jean Stafford – Driver to Lee Gilmer Airport in Gainesville, GA
5/6. Dede Wilson and Kara Peterson – Drivers at Asheville, NC Regional Airport
7. Foster – name not provided

Apparently, it takes seven in Jady’s case.

Jean (right)  bringing Jady to meet Pilot Ann (left) at GVL airport

Jean (right) bringing Jady to meet Pilot Ann (left) at Lee Gilmore Airport

A relevant Quote of the Day come from Dede:  “Do you fly out of Asheville? In addition to working with Tracy, I help a local jack Russell rescue. Occasionally we have a need to get a dog to an adopter out of state. This is my first experience with Pilots n Paws and it was great! I have always heard nothing but wonderful things about the program. My role with the rescue is as facilitator/ logistics. I would love to know what states you cover.”

The answer:  There are caring pilots all over the country willing to help. To see a map of the registered pilot volunteers (this certainly doesn’t cover all of the pilots that help with PnP transports) click here.

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  1. kristy says:

    They helped bring Nemo (formerly known as Rico) to us from NYC. Thank you again for bringing us our baby!!!! He’s such a love and character!!!!

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