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Lee Lands in Florida

Poor little Lee was found in a high kill shelter in North Carolina.  The breeder was called when a microchip was found, and of course denied everything.  **sigh

Volunteer Jan and Pilot Brett

A shout out to Lifeline Dog Rescue in Florida and a spot was found for our girl.  Once again, thanks to the dedication of the Pilots with Pilots N Paws, Lee was given a first class ride home to rescue.

Pilot Michael

Pilots Brett, Michael and Walt, I can’t thank you enough.  (Particularly Walt who is probably still cleaning the carpet in the plane.)

I am so grateful to the pilots as always, for making this transport work and their dedication to find a viable way home.  Thank you all so much for showing how hard rescues and pilots work everyday for saving one more.  Liz

Welcome to Lifeline, Lee. it will get much better from here on out.

One thought on “Lee Lands in Florida”

  1. Carol says:

    What is her fate now? Won’t she be returned to her owner since she has a microchip,or was the breeder on the chip? THANK you for saving this sweetheart! <3

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