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Pilots N Paws
Mama & 7 Babies (TX-LA-MS-AL-TN-VA)

Mama & 7 Babies (TX-LA-MS-AL-TN-VA)

This long rescue needed to covered by Pilots N Paws. It took a lot of coordination by Penny to get it done. The trip included a driver for the first 3 hours from Austin, TX to Tyler, TX. Various aircraft covered the rest of the trip. The full route was near Austin, TX to just outside of Washington, DC.

Leg 1: Jarrell, TX to Tyler, TX (KTYR) driven by Dena

Leg 2: Tyler, TX (KTYR) to Covington, TN flown by Craig

Leg 3: Covington, TN to Greenville, TN flown by Jim

Leg 4: Greenville, TN to Warrenton-Fauquier Airport (KHWY) flown by another Jim

Jim Carney
West TN
Over 3000 animals flown to safety and still going strong.

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