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“My Name was #35 but not any more!”

Last month, the ASPCA seized more then 40 dogs during an animal fighting investigation in Virginia.  #35 was one of those dogs…..After medical care and testing, this lucky girl is now named “Hallie” and she is safely with Animal Farm Foundation in NY and on her way to a loving family. 

Hallies smiling face!


It took two Pilots N Paws pilots working together to fly Hallie from harms way to safety.  Pilot Nick O’Connel and co-pilot O’Neil Jones took the first leg  from Virginia. 

PNP pilots Nick and Bruce with co-pilot O'Neil and a Happy Hallie!

 Pilot Bruce Cohen and co-pilot Adam Jackon were waiting to accept their very special passenger and take her on the final leg of her journey.  Just seeing Hallie’s smiling grin and her joy for life was all these dedicated pilots needed to know to volunteer to fly her to safety.

Pilot Bruce and co-pilot Adam give Hallie a little walk before her flight.....

Finally She's Arrived!

Special thanks to  the ASPCA all law enforcement agencies involved and the Animal control officers for investigating and ending the suffering of these dogs.   Thanks to the efforts of local law enforcement, the 41 dogs recovered will have a chance to live out happier lives.

Hallie looking out the plane window dreaming of her future!

Grateful appreciation to the rescue groups accepting the dogs who so needed their loving care and to the local shelter for providing temporary care. We look forward to watching Hallie shine!

Hallie saying goodbye and thanks!

Quotes from those involved with this rescue:

Pilot Nick: Great day for all involved. I am thankful to have been a part of this rescue.  I hope this sweet girl finds a perfect family, she deserves it. Pictures to follow.

 Pilot Bruce: It was a great day to fly!!!!  Our little girl did just fine the whole trip. She’s in good hands and it was our pleasure to help her out. 



 Let’s do this again!!!
 Bruce and Adam
 and the “Blue Moose-N9426E”
ASPCA Allison Cardona: You are all truly amazing and we are so incredibly grateful.Hallie is a lucky girl 🙂 Thank you all for the collaboration! Amazing to work with you on this!
Animal Farm Foundation, Bernice Clifford
She has arrived and is cute as can be! Thank you all for bringing her to us! In April 2011 the ASPCA and the Halifax County Animal Control seized more than 40 dogs during an animal fighting investigation in Virginia. With transportation help from Pilots N Paws, Animal Farm took one of these victims of cruelty into our care yesterday. Check out this video of her journey!

I'm Ready!

5 thoughts on ““My Name was #35 but not any more!””

  1. Kelly says:

    I love you guys!! You are awesome beyond words … and also to the police officers who busted the dogfighting ring. I cannot thank you enough on behalf of all the doggie souls that you save!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being those people who make a difference in the world and bringing so much love and laughter to the many families who adopt these dogs. Dog bless you!! <3

  2. LaDean Lines says:

    What a treat to see Hallies journey! I’d love to know what she was thinking, looking out the window, flying away to a great future! Such trust..no matter what humans have put her thru to this point in her life. You guys really ROCK!! Thanks for taking care of those that can’t speak for themselves. You are truly Air Angels!

  3. Sara Marsh says:

    Great Job!!! She is a cutie…

  4. Erica says:

    God Bless you all. So many animals are so grateful for everything you do. You are God’s angels. I cant say thank you enough.

  5. Susan says:

    How can I get permission to load this story on a DVD and use it for PNP promotional showing? Can someone do this on a flash memory or dvd?

    Would the owners allow him to be a poster boy and make a personal appearance? Just a thought.

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