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Pilot Chuck and Curley fly north!

Thanks to the kindness of Pilot Chuck Lehman and his wife Edwina from Batesville, Mississippi, a very fortunate puppy named Curley is now on his way to a forever home in Vermont.

    Curley was born in a litter of 7 puppies, four of which died from Parvo.   Curley was discovered by a rescuer with the Animal Welfare League after she received a phone call from Tennessee alerting her to the Parvo puppies dying at a local groomer’s business.  She immediately went to the business and took the remaining four puppies to Allen & Griffin Animal Hospital, where Dr. Shane Wilkerson worked feverishly and saved three of them!
    Lane Rodgers, Director of the Mid-Delta Regional Airport, extended hospitality and made Mr. Lehman and his wife feel welcome!   Mr. Lehman is a commercial pilot registered with PilotsNPaws.org and often volunteers his time and fuel to fly homeless animals.   
      More volunteer pilots are needed locally, and since the Animal Welfare League is a non-profit organization, your flight may be tax-deductible.   Please sign up today with PilotsNPaws.org and begin saving lives!
    Should you have any question, please contact [email protected]
Linda Merideth

Pilot Chuck with Curely and wife Edwina receive a great send off from Lane, Director of Mid-Delta Regional Airport

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  1. laura balem says:

    all of these stories touch my heart, and make me happy to know that there are some truly remarkable people in this world who care so deeply for these precious animals.My gratitude knows no bounds. Thankyou.

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