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Pilot Paul Schecter Saves Dogs From Being Gassed!

10 dogs were flown to the Olean Airport, and onto Joyful Rescue. The dogs were in a high kill shelter in Ohio, and if the amazing volunteer pilot, Paul Schechter from Pilots-N-Paws didn’t agree to pick them up and fly them to us, and if Joyful Rescues didn’t agree to take them, they would have been gassed to death, because there are simply way too many unwanted dogs & cats. Unfortunately many others aren’t as lucky, and as you all know, the only answer to this devasting issue is to spay/neuter/rescue.

Thank you so much to Paul, shown sitting on the dog crate, with his friend Lynn, standing in the back! (Mike on left, Joye sitting on crate) Thank you also to my wonderful husband who is passioinate about saving our animal friends, and to all of the great volunteers!


From Pilot Paul:

Thank you and all the volunteers who care for the the dogs and help them find homes after I bring them to Joyful Rescue. My wife and I foster and have 3 of our own so I know how much work (and how little sleep) is involved. Not to sound sappy, but it really is a team effort and the dogs we save and the adopters who get them benefit of course, but so do we. The dogs give back as much love as we give them, that the part that is so special. As I said I love helping when I can and will continue to do so as much as possible.

Paul Schechter

2 thoughts on “Pilot Paul Schecter Saves Dogs From Being Gassed!”

  1. Tatanka says:

    Thank you so much Paul for saving these dogs.


    Awesome work. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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