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Pilot Scott Messinger and Beau a NC castaway

The thing about “middle of nowhere NC” where there is no life in either direction for twenty miles, if a dog wanders up to a property, it’s not lost, it was dumped.

Imagine how you would feel if someone that you knew and trusted drove you out in the country and dumped you in the middle of nowhere. Dumping an animal has to be one of the cruelest, inhumane acts that can be done to an animal. Nothing to eat, nothing to drink and totally alone. No shelter from the elements.

The young adult fawn boy wandered up to the only house within ten miles very underweight. The homeowner has seen it time and time again and has 5 dogs to prove it. While the homeowners could not keep the boy and the nasty county shelter was out of the question, his clownish personality won them over and they let him sleep under the house while they searched for help. Took them a while to realize he was a Doberman because of his color.

This is what the homeowner said about the boy:

“He is super sweet, loves people, and really wants to come in the house. He follows me all over the yard whatever I’m doing. He likes to take my tools especially my flashlight. He doesn’t chew them he just likes to take them and tease me, like it’s a game. He likes to crawl under the cars with me while I’m under there fixing them and lays beside me while I work”

So a call went out and North Coast Doberman Rescue worked on making room for the boy. An awesome pilot with the Pilots n Paws organization flew the boy from NC to OH. Many thanks to all involved for providing a new start for Beau.

Cathy Willis
Doberman Assistance Network Inc.

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One thought on “Pilot Scott Messinger and Beau a NC castaway”

  1. Donna Lohmann says:

    What a sweet boy, just look at that face! God Bless the family that took him in, and for Pilot n Paw’s to come to his rescue! I know he will find a good home! Why people do this to any animal is so cruel. Thank God for the wonderful and caring people that come to them in there time of need. GOD BLESS them all.

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