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“Pilots N Paws Gulf Coast Rescue Flyway” Pilots, planes and volunteers helping the animals of NOLA

Hello Pilots and Volunteers!

We need your help!! Last year we were very successful in working together to move thousands of animals during the Pilots N Paws 5000. This years mission is the “Pilots N Paws Gulf Coast Rescue Flyway: Pilots, planes and volunteers helping the Animals of NOLA”………..

Many of you have likely seen the news reports. There are literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of animals who need to move out of the New Orleans/Gulf Coast area. These are perfectly healthy animals who through no fault of their own have ended up in a shelter. Many had families who loved them and are direct victims of the oil spill disaster. Their owners have lost their jobs, their homes, have no income and are barely surviving. They are turning their animals over to various shelters and rescue groups to at least give their pets a chance at finding someone to care for them. As we all know, euthanasia is a fact at many shelters, some as many as 900 a month right now which is of course totally unacceptable. We also have an extreme shortage of volunteer pilots in that area so we have not been able to fulfill requests to move these animals to other areas. NEXT MONTH WE HOPE TO CHANGE THAT!!

On September 18 with the 19th as a back-up weather date, possibly even the following weekend should the weather be totally uncooperative, we are asking for pilot volunteers to work together to move as many of these fully vetted animals to three specific areas of the country. The areas are Lakeland, Florida, D.C. (Warrenton, VA) and Caldwell, N.J. We also have some special trasnports set up with individual pilots for Chicago, Memphis, Iowa and possibly Houston.
The receiving areas may be expanded beyond just these three destinations if we have pilots willing to fly the routes. We have rescues in the Madison, Wisconsin area  area who are interested in opening their doors to animals in need. If you are a pilot along the route from New Orleans to one of these two locations, please let us know and we will expand our Rescue Flyway! If you are a rescue who can receive animals, please let us know that as well.

Working together, we can save lives. One of our pilots has a sign in the side window of her plane that says “This plane has saved __ number of lives” Let’s make that number climb next month by transporting as many animals as possible and giving them a chance to find that very special home.

Please reply to this message on the forum board or to us privately through

[email protected]

to let us know what you can do to help. We would also like to thank our generous sponsors, Subaru and Petmate for helping us with this mission.

Make a flight, save a life! We can do it thanks to all of you who care so passionately!!

Some of the pups headed for new homes!

5 thoughts on ““Pilots N Paws Gulf Coast Rescue Flyway” Pilots, planes and volunteers helping the animals of NOLA”

  1. melissa says:

    How do we find out what dogs are in need of rescue? We’re in Charleston – MIGHT be able to take an older Retriever! Daisy’s Place Retriever Rescue is dedicated to saving and finding loving homes for Retrievers (Labs/Goldens) six and older. Thank you PNP for all you do to save so many! We have a great pilot in Atlanta that has flown three seniors to us!

  2. Elaine says:

    I’m a volunteer with the friends of Homeless Animals and I’d like to be on hand for the arrival of the dogs today to take plenty of pictures for our group! Do you have an approxomite time of arrival in Caldwell, NJ??



  3. Tracey Macdonald says:

    Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this incredible rescue effort. All the dogs were super friendly and adorable. It was wonderful to be able to walk them and give them so love during their layover. I know they will be happy in their new homes. I can’t wait to help again:)

  4. barbara Barenis says:

    Would like to be apart of this mercy mission. How can i help????

  5. Eric Scheppan says:

    I’m a volunteer with Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART) in Northern Virginia. Thank you so much for helping transport dogs yesterday (9/18/10) from New Orleans to Northern Virginia.
    Could you get a message to the 8 pilots that flew the second and final leg to deliver their precious cargo to us?
    I have posted pictures from the day at Picasa: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/sredir?uname=104503322567555884778&target=ALBUM&id=5518446629246769889&authkey=Gv1sRgCLqq0vrArMb5Wg&feat=email
    Thank you for allowing us to to extend our reach… without you, we could have never helped these animals.
    Eric Scheppan
    HART Volunteer
    Chantilly, VA

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