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Pilots N Paws


Taz & Lily went with us on the first leg of their Pilots N Paws Freedom flight to California, Maryland. Pilot Seth met us and continued their journey to Caldwell, New Jersey meeting TriBoro Animal Welfare.

Scarlett & Abigail (our own rescued babies) went with us on the flight and all four played throughout the flight and also napped. They all LOVED looking out of the window.

Abigail thought Scarlett, Taz and Lily were having too much fun without her, so she went back to where they were. She had to squeeze in but didn’t seem to care as long as she was in on the fun.

Scarlett is a great companion to the rescue pups. She loves going on the flights with them.

Lily was nervous at first but she relaxed and had fun during the flight!

It’s playtime after the 1st leg of the journey and also time for treats! These two love treats! Taz was larger than Lily and he kept trying to get her treats, but she got plenty!

Anne Z