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Thanks to Pilots Chloe and Gormair

Thanks to Pilots Chloe and Gormair

Being the director of a newly revamped animal shelter (used to be the pound) in the smallest county in the state of Tennessee has its own set of challenges. One of the main ones is having enough adopters to meet the demands of the pet population. We are doing out part to help control it with each animal being spayed and neutered before adoption. Then there’s that word…. adoption. I’m also part of a network that helps place Saint Bernards all across the U.S. and the head of that foundation is helping us find wonderful homes for these small town, huge hearted dogs, that deserve a living home.

That brought on another problem. How to get them to their destination if it was longer than a 100 miles or so. This is how I met the most spectacular group of transporters in the world. PILOTNPAWS!!! THANK YOU THANK-YOU!!!

This is Vali, a doodle that was desperate to reach her destination over 500 miles away. Pilot Chloe flew her from Tennessee to Indiana.

There she met pilot Gormair who flew Vali on into the loving arms of her new mom in Allendale, Michigan.

My heart soars just typing these words. Success story doesn’t seem to do these acts of kindness justice. This was a life changing, heart mending act of kindness. What a beautiful gift that pilotnpaws continues to hand out freely.

Forever Grateful, Karen, Vali, and new mom Dawn!

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