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Pilots N Paws
‘Twas the day after Christmas

‘Twas the day after Christmas

‘Twas the day after Christmas
And it was IFR, no doubt,
But a doggie in west Texas
Needed help to get out;

The RV was fueled up
And the baggage compartment fitted,
To complete a Pilots N paws mission
That had been submitted;

Away went the RV
To a west Texas town,
In an attempt to remove
A furry passenger’s frown;

A foster’s friend delivered
to the local FBO,
The sleigh was loaded up
And the friend yelled, “Let’s go”

The furball was yappy
With her people’s song,
All the way to 9500 feet
Until the shadows got long;

As we approached the airport
For the next pilot’s round,
The tune then changed to
“How will we get down?”;

To Austin approach
The sleighmaster asked,
“Is 13 at Executive
Ready to be tasked?”;

The answer came, “Of course,
It’s a bit sporty under the cloudy skies”,
But your Christmas gift
Deserves fair winds and clear skies.”;

Great Use of the IFR Ticket. Easy button above the clouds, 200-800 foot overcast below.

FBO Delivery Crew

Final Leg

Final Pickup…here comes sunset…