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Update on Flanders 12 Years After His Rescue Flight

Update on Flanders 12 Years After His Rescue Flight

At Pilots N Paws we love to see updates about the beautiful animals after they’ve been flown to loving homes. We hope you’ll enjoy Flanders’ story as much as we do.

“My dog Flanders actually came from NC to VA on a Pilots N Paws flight like 7 years ago and then we adopted him from Hart90 so I love your organization.

We adopted him from Hart90 in Fairfax VA in 2012. They told us he’d been a late add to a PNP flight so they didn’t have too much information on him other than he was in a high kill shelter. 

My boyfriend at the time (now husband) and I were actually going to buy wine for Thanksgiving when we got distracted by the dog adoption event next door. We both played with various dogs for a bit and then went on our way. When we were leaving the wine shop, my husband said he wanted to go back, that he thought he wanted to adopt the dog Flanders he’d been playing with. Mind you we’d never discussed getting a dog, weren’t even living together, and both had crazy busy jobs and lives. Also my husband is a methodical Army planner, not someone who “impulse adopts” a dog.  All I can say is that love at first sight may not be a thing for humans, but it certainly is with humans and dogs. After we’d left to go to the wine store, the woman fostering Flanders had some interest from another couple, but she actually told them he was unavailable because she “knew we’d be back.” It was meant to be. We were going to change his name to something Italian (like my husband) but after having him for a few days, we knew we couldn’t take away that goofy name—it’s too him. 

We could NOT love him more. He’s perfect (really—he’s never bad), hilarious, and sweet/gentle with kids, dogs and even cats and the chipmunk he caught one day. When I went through a serious illness in 2016, he didn’t leave my side. He’s precious and he’s made our lives immeasurably better. I will forever be thankful to Hart90, Pilots N Paws and whoever the pilot was who flew him to safety.” 

To see more about Flanders, you can check out his instagram page: Flanderspuppy12

Thanks for all you do. 

My best,


2 thoughts on “Update on Flanders 12 Years After His Rescue Flight”

  1. Janie Wise says:

    Thank you for sharing your story with Flanders….what a beautiful boy he is…and those eyes!!!.. As a long time rescue person…(50 years plus) I still grin when I read “love at first sight” … I BELIEVE!!! REGARDS

  2. Ms.Tobie Scheuren says:

    What a gorgeous dog! So happy for the people who adopted him. I can see the love and security in Flanders eyes. You know he has been extremely loved and well taken care of. I have fostered dogs for 10 and 2 months. It is a good way to get to love a pup when you can’t afford to own (adopt) one. I don’t know how old Flanders was when you adopted him but the love you gave him shines brightly through his beautiful eyes and shiny fur

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