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Welcome Ashary – Another New PnP Pilot

Welcome Ashary – Another New PnP Pilot

A small beagle, Toby, needed a lift from Tennessee to Bassett and Beagle Rescue of Heartland in Nebraska. The rescue described him as ‘differently abled’. Toby has some instability of his hind legs and would need a lift into the plane because he couldn’t jump. Veteran PnP pilot Jim Carney teamed up with a new member of the Pilots N Paws team, Ashary, for a twe leg trip to get the pup to his rescue.

LEG 1: Union City TN to Columbia MO – Filled Thanks Jim

Leg 2: Columbia MO to Omaha NE – Filled Thanks Ashary

Many thanks to Petmate, a proud sponsor of Pilots N Paws!