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What a Wonderful World with Pilot Scott Messinger

Scott is a dedicated volunteer pilot with Pilots N Paws.  He has flown countless missions saving planeloads of dogs and giving each one the opportunity to find loving homes.  Scott’s friends at Beyond 1 Films created this video showing just a few of the animals Scott and his co-pilots have flown to safe havens.  It really is a “wonderful world for the animals” who are fortunate to have rescues and pilots who care……

4 thoughts on “What a Wonderful World with Pilot Scott Messinger”

  1. Marilyn Henderson says:

    Thank you all for the wonderful work you do! We need more folks like y’all!!

    Don’t forget to spread the word, though…. “Save lives; spay & neuter”!!

  2. Linda Merideth says:

    Thank you, Scott, for all you do for the homeless animals!

    And I agree with Marilyn and even wish PNP would adamantly require ALL passengers be spayed/neutered BEFORE transport….the north is filling up FAST!


  3. Michelle W. says:

    Scott is a true rescue angel! Thank you doesn’t seem adequate!

  4. Terry says:

    Scott is AWESOME!!! He flew a blind, deaf Cocker Spaniel to his new home for us a few months ago. What a wonderful guy. Thanks for all you do Scott!!!

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