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What do 35 dogs have in common? Pilots and rescues who care!

Last weekend Pilots N Paws held an awareness event at the New Smyrna Beach Florida Balloon and Skyfest. What an event it was! 

Thank you to our sponsors Subaru and Petmate!

From 27 puppymill survivors flown in from TN by two pilots, 4 dobermans flying down from the Carolinas and Georgia, and 4 other pups transported from rescues to new adoptive homes within Florida it was an extremely successful Saturday! 

Just a few of the puppymill crates

 The ” heros of the day” title goes to pilot Keith Decker and his wife Susie for flying 11 of these dogs under very tenuous circumstances. They encountered electrical problems with their plane  in route from TN to FL.  Keith is a retired airlines captain, Susie a retired flight attendent, so the 11 very frightened puppymill dogs were in great hands.  We were all thankful when they landed.  Their stay in New Smyrna Beach was extended due to plane repairs but at least they were at the beach! 

Keith and Susie Deckers plane arrives safely!

Pilot Keith Decker(blue shirt) and wife Susie(back) supervise the unloading of their 11 passengers after a taxing flight!

Pilot Keith makes certain his pups were loaded from plane to their awaiting limo!

 Pilot Jim Carney, better known as “Uncle Jim” had the remainder of the puppymill dogs on his aircraft which had no additional space left for one more crate! Thank you Jim for tackling this very long flight and giving these pups the ride they so desperately needed.  

Pilot Jim Carney, assisted by Co-founder of PNP Debi Boies, begin unloading the puppymill pups

More pups from Jim's plane!

Jr. rescue volunteers watching over the some of the puppymill pups

Mimi Vitale (in red) with Animals In Need USA, the hero for many animals and today for the puppymill dogs!

Pilot Rhonda Miles had one crate filled with a doberkid and three tethered dobies in her Skywagon.  Two were from the Carolinas and two were from Georgia.  Rhonda claims they were all loves, thank you Rhonda! 

Pilot Rhonda Miles gets assistance from pilot Ed Golly and wife Sandra with the 4 dobies

Dobergirl will finally get the "groceries" and the care she needs!

Mary Brooks of PNP helped unload the last of the 4 dobes

 Pilot Jeff Bennett was busy as well. In route to the airshow he and his young grandson Mason picked up and delivered a boxer. After departing the show, they picked up a cute beagle and two beautiful dalmations and delivered them to their awaiting homes. 

Pilot Jeff Bennett with grandson Mason share a photo op with the lucky beagle!

Pilot Jeff, Mason and the beautiful boxer they transported

Jeff, Mason and one of two Dalmations they had on board

As always, without rescue volunteers these animals would never get their second chance.  High fives to Mimi Vitale and Jules Barnes with Adopt a Kitty and Animals in Need, USA  and her foster rescue homes for arranging the puppymill transport.  Denise John with Ch Crested, Hairless & Small Dog Rescue FL also took in several of these pups as did Brat Pack Rescue, Dan Riley, Karla Roarty and five Jr. foster rescue helpers.  AKC Florida Pomeranian Rescue , Mary Mullen and Nina with Poodles and Pooches were on board as well.

Doberman Assistance Network, Vicki Brady and Debra McMahon saw to it that Gary Velduis of  Dobermann Rescue of Lake Placid was able to receive his 4 beautiful doberkids who were all pulled from kill shelters. Thank you Gary for opening your doors.

Pilot Jeff Bennett delivered the boxer, the beagle and the two Dalmations to their new approved adoptive homes. 

All in all a great day and a fabulous weekend!  More news to come from the event, stay tuned!

Mary Brooks, wife of PNP Pilot Todd was always on hand to help unload each transport that landed. Here she is reassuring one of the puppymill dogs.......

One thought on “What do 35 dogs have in common? Pilots and rescues who care!”

  1. A wonderful lady, Rhonda Miles flew the four Dobermann’s down from Georgia & North Carolina. They all arrived safely and on time. We were there to pick them up for transport to Lake Placid, Fl. Pilots & Paws saved their lives and brought them to a better place, one has been adopted & we have apps on two more.
    Thank you for the wonderful service you provide these dogs from overcrowded shelters in all parts of the country, you are truly “Our Angels”!

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